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For the letter E
⊿ EACOM - 2015-2019 , « Egyptian and African Copper Metallurgy ».
⊿ Early childhood education and care policy
⊿ Early mechanisms of human atheromatosis
⊿ Early Modern Philosophy
⊿ Easy-Eco, Evaluation of Sustainability. European Conferences and Training Courses (Marie Curie)
⊿ echOpen - EICHO : Everywhere Imagery Care with Handheld and Open
⊿ Eco-ethology and conservation of non-human primates
⊿ Ecocritical and Comparative Study of Poetry in English (main focus : Canada vs USA)
⊿ Ecological and evolutionary genomics
⊿ Ecological functionality and stability of mangrove ecosystems : a modeling approach
⊿ Ecology and evolution of chemical communication in insects
⊿ Ecology and evolution of heavy metal tolerance and accumulation by plants
⊿ Ecology, evolution and impacts of alien invasive plants
⊿ Economic geography of Belgium and Europe.
⊿ Economic psychology and consumer behavior.
⊿ Economics of Art and Culture
⊿ Edition of commentaries on Dante's Divine Comedy
⊿ Education and training policy in Europe ( FNRS ) - careers guidance tools - a socio-political viewpoint in the French speaking Belgian community
⊿ Educational innovation in disadvantaged schools in Brussels
⊿ Educational investments of families in the French Community of Belgium.
⊿ Effect of personnalised nutritional councelling on child growth and feeding practices in Burkina Faso
⊿ Effects of exercise and training on heart rate in humans: new insights with the electroencephalogram signal approach.
⊿ Effects of natural and anthropogenic changes on marine emissions of climatic gazes
⊿ Effects on global change on benthic invertebrates.
⊿ El Castillo, Spain
⊿ Elaboration and development of a library of MAGMA programmes whose purpose is the study of flag-transitive incidence geometries
⊿ Elaboration of a New Method to Assess the Shoulder Sense of Force in Healthy People
⊿ Elaboration of nanostructured electrode surfaces for electrocatalysis
⊿ Elaboration of training instrument for mathematics teachers from kindergarden to the end of high school
⊿ Electoral geography of Belgium and Europe.
⊿ Electrophysiological study of the mechanisms underlying the auditory discrimination of duration contrasts
⊿ Electroweak and strong forces; unification, experimental tests, astrophysical and cosmological implicaitons.
⊿ Elementary mechanisms of implicit statistical learning and social cognition: A developmental approach
⊿ Embedded multiprocessors systems with energy constraints
⊿ Embedded multiprocessors systems with energy constraints
⊿ Embryotoxic effects induced by the administration of 2-Methoxy-Ethanol to the pregnant mouse
⊿ Employment in the social tourism sector in Europe
⊿ Encyclopedia of Bioethics
⊿ Enhancing methodology and feasibility of Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIA) for the Belgian federal level
⊿ Environmental Economics
⊿ Environmental Psychology and workplaces
⊿ Ephemeral Architecture
⊿ EPICA (European Project of Ice Coring in Antarctica)(ASPI)
⊿ Epistemological beliefs and learning conceptions of students in higher education
⊿ ERC Consolidator GrantCure or Curse? Non-elected politics. Cure or Curse for the Crisis of Representative Democracy?
⊿ Establishment and characterisation of human melanoma cell lines
⊿ Ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
⊿ Eukaryotic RNA surveillance
⊿ Euro Trade-unionism inside the European Union
⊿ European cooperation projects coordinated by the research unit: FP5-DISCEL, FP6-NAIMO, FP7-ONE-P, H2020 MSCA ITN UHMOB, HE MSCA DN CISSE
⊿ European Criminal Area
⊿ European Information Network Ethics and Law in Medicine and Biotechnology
⊿ European Integration, Transition Economics and International Trade
⊿ Evaluation and mechanism of action of novel anticancer targeted drugs: Dasatinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor in melanoma.
⊿ Evaluation of misalignment of lower limb before and after surgery
⊿ Evaluation of pulmonary circulation at rest and effort
⊿ Evaluation of shoulder kinematics. Electrogoniometric, magnetic tracking study and 3D analysis of videoscopic images
⊿ Evaluation of the ESF intervention as part of the Wallonia Brussels 2020 FSE operational program.
⊿ Evaluation of the gateway and transition synergies pole
⊿ Evaluation of the impact of a group intervention on cancer patients smoking cessation, maintenance and quality of life: a randomized study
⊿ Evaluation of the order of May 8, 2014 relating to tourist accommodation
⊿ Evolution, genetics and social organisation
⊿ Excavation of Apamea, Syria
⊿ Excavation of Itanos, Eastern Crete
⊿ Excavation of Pachacamac, Peru (YCHSMA Project)
⊿ Executive control and consciousness
⊿ Exercise Therapy
⊿ Experimental and Behavioral Economics
⊿ Experimental Quantum Optics
⊿ Experimental, theoretical and numerical analysis of the exchange phenomena between a bubble and the surrounding liquid
⊿ Exploring the oscillatory cerebral interactions between the motor and the attentional system under three conditions: action observation, attention deficit with/out hyperactivity and mindfulness
⊿ Expression and role of the Parathyroid Hormone-related Peptide (PTHrP) in bone.
⊿ Expression and structural analysis of several 'ABC, ATP Binding Cassette' proteins involved in cell resistance
⊿ Extraction processes of visuo-orthographic units in written words