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El Castillo, Spain

Units : CReA-Patrimoine. Research Centre in Archaeology and Heritage | ULB713

Description :

The painted cave of El Castillo in Puente Viesgo (Cantabria) is among the major archaeological and artistic sites of European
prehistory. Discovered one century ago, this cave is the subject of a new research program in collaboration with the Prehistoric
Research Institute Santander/Chicago (J. González Echegaray) and the local authority (J.M. Ceballos del Moral), as well as several
specialists from different countries. In collaboration with the Laboratory for Logical and Numerical Systems of the ULB (P. Van Ham
and N. Warzée), a 3D scan of the complete subterranean network is carried out. This scan will allow the production of a DVD which
will complement the important monography  planned at the end of the research.

List of persons in charge :

  • GROENEN Marc

List of lessors :

  • Financement de base institutionnel