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⊿ i-voting protocols
⊿ i-voting protocols
⊿ IceCon : constraining ice mass changes in coastal Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.
⊿ IceCube-Dyn
⊿ Identification and characterization, for further industrial applications, of structures of the living world optimally exchanging matter with their environment
⊿ Identification des événements impliqués dans l'initiation et la progression maligne des leucémies B: apport des microarrays cross-espèces dans un modèle de leucémie chez le mouton
⊿ Identification of biomarkers related to tumor invasion and angiogenesis in neuro-oncology
⊿ Identification of candidat genes responsible for premature ovarian failure
⊿ Identification of Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Plant Tolerance to elements metallic tracks
⊿ Identification protocols (suited for smartcards)
⊿ Identification protocols (suited for smartcards)
⊿ IDyRA - Ice Dynamics derived from englacial Radar reflection Architecture
⊿ Image and writing in contemporary and modern art in Belgium
⊿ Images in Medieval societies.
⊿ Immigration and political action
⊿ Immune deficiency in human tuberculosis (2nd part)
⊿ Immune deficiency in human tuberculosis (first part)
⊿ Immune deficiency of childhood
⊿ Impact of a clinical pharmacist on the medication reconciliation
⊿ Impact of a group intervention on breast cancer patients ' adjustment and emotion regulation at the end of cancer treatment: A multicentric randomized study
⊿ Impact of a group intervention on prostate cancer patients' empowerment and emotion regulation at the end of cancer treatment: A bicentric randomized study.
⊿ Impact of a therapeutic setting on children living in institutional care.
⊿ Implementation study of pharmaceutical services in community pharmacies
⊿ Implicit learning and cognitive aging
⊿ Improvement of the patellar compartment in total knee replacement
⊿ Improvement of the survival and functionality of fetal grafts for Parkinson's disease.
⊿ In vitro maturation and oocytes vitrification in human: efficiency and clinical implications
⊿ In vitro study of the human and mammalian embryo
⊿ In vivo 3D kinematics of the cervical vertebrae during rotation
⊿ In vivo and in vitro development, characterisation and evaluation of biodegradable microspheres with different types of active ingredients (low solubility substances, anticancerous agents, antigens...)
⊿ In vivo gene delivery in the basal ganglia.
⊿ In vivo studies on the role of the RNA-binding protein TIAR
⊿ In-depth studies of the absorption of CO2 in liquids. Applications to process intensification and recovery system development
⊿ Incompressible Euler equations
⊿ Incontext
⊿ Indigenous Entrepreneurship in South Africa and Zimbabwe: Policy and Practice
⊿ Industrial Organization, including Contracts and Auction Design
⊿ Inexact proximal algorithms, with application to inverse problems and machine learning
⊿ Influence of orthographic knowledge on speech representations.
⊿ Information and communication technologies in the newsroom
⊿ Infrared and UV-visible line profiles
⊿ Innovative instruments for Energy Saving Policies: White Certificates and Complementary Currencies
⊿ Insight into the neurophysiological mechanisms of brain–peripheral couplings and relevance for motor performances
⊿ Institutional law
⊿ Integration of polices in Belgium. Towards a security management police ?
⊿ Integration of Standards, Ecodesing and Users in energy-using products
⊿ International approach of a program regarding performing arts pedagogy
⊿ International Internship in Open Source Geographic Information System
⊿ Interpretative Statutes and judgments delivered in plenary sessions by the Belgian Court of cassation in the 19Th Century.
⊿ Intestinal Immunity
⊿ InteX – Next Generaon AI based Testbeds for Wearable Robocs
⊿ Intimacy, sexuality and social norms : a compared historical study of the occidental behaviour in the 19th and the 20th century
⊿ Investigation of natural depigmenting agents
⊿ Investigation of phonological discrimination evolution in 4 and 8 months old babies by heart rate recordings
⊿ Investigation of the anti-hepatotoxic activity of medicinal plants from Rwanda
⊿ Investigations on cerebellar physiology and biochemistry by combining microdialysis and neurophysiological recordings on animal models (rodents).
⊿ Investigations on the pathogenesis of Friedreich ataxia and development of new animal models.
⊿ Ion Transport across Lipid Bilayers
⊿ Isolated liver ischemia-reperfusion:animal model