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For the letter D
⊿ Daily and accumulated delivered dose assessment of patient treated with pancreas SBRT
⊿ DASYWEIGHT project Developping a tool for machine learning-based dassymetric mapping approaches in GRASS GIS
⊿ Decision making in the field of food
⊿ Decisional comfort in the multidisciplinary care of cancer patients : a pilot study based on simulated medical interviews
⊿ Definite connections
⊿ Deformation quantization of symplectic and Poisson manifolds
⊿ Deployment of a distributed computing infrastructure (GRID), in particular for the elementary particle physics research
⊿ Description of the approval-voting polytope
⊿ Descriptive and explanatory models of career development variables and analysis of career counseling practices
⊿ Design and building of biosensors
⊿ Design and Development of a Hovering Flapping Twin-Wing Robot
⊿ Design of computer methods enabling the automatic monitoring and analysis of cancer cell behavior in two- or three-dimensional environment
⊿ Designing of computer tools and in vitro and ex vivo 3D models for a realistic study of the migration of cancer cells and an efficient identification of potentially anti-migratory molecules
⊿ Desing of novel polyazaaromatic ligands
⊿ Determinants of health regarding children and youth
⊿ Determination of physiological transition factors and running speed variations associated with the perception of effort.
⊿ Determination of the best parameters for the recording of evoked otoemissions in dogs
⊿ Developing Ru(II) photo-activable complexes for the detection via light-up effect and covalent photo-addition to G-quadruplexes
⊿ Development and application of CIDNP experiments for the study of the photoreactions of organometallic compounds.
⊿ Development and applications of a technique for continuous and real-time tracking and analysis of muscle lever arm evolution
⊿ Development and applications of an electrogoniometric system for continuous and real-time tracking and analysis of three-dimensional joint kinematics
⊿ Development and characterisation of liquid-cristal-based shapes
⊿ Development and evaluation of floating controlled-release dosage forms (multi-units, single-unit)
⊿ Development and evaluation of novel pulmonary dosage forms (new excipients, excipient-free, nanoparticles, controlled drug delivery)
⊿ Development and function of helper T cells for antibody production in vivo
⊿ Development and optimisation of colonic release forms using natural and/or synthetic polymers that can be broken down by enzymes in the intestinal flora
⊿ Development of a digital pathology platform within the CMMI
⊿ Development of assessment tools of the physician-patient relationship
⊿ Development of audio-visual integral of sensory information in speech perception
⊿ Development of cationic liposomes as carriers for genetic material
⊿ Development of mass spectrometry technics for the research in pharmaceutical sciences.
⊿ Development of randomized studies assessing the efficiacy of health professionals' psychological training.
⊿ Development of Ruthenium(II) Complexes for G-quadruplexes sensing
⊿ Development of software for the rational optimization of proteins - Biotechnological and biopharmaceutical applications
⊿ Development of software for the rational optimization of proteins - Biotechnological and biopharmaceutical applications
⊿ Development of the induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technology for the modeling and cellular therapy of nervous system diseases.
⊿ Developmental dyslexia : nature of the deficits and evolution.
⊿ Diagnosis and investigation of neuro-muscular diseases
⊿ Diagnosis of cardio-vascular risk with multi-parametric blood tests
⊿ Differenciations and Spatial structures of Belgium at the level of town districts.
⊿ Discours analysis and sociolinguistics Axis
⊿ Diver-city VillAge 360°
⊿ Divided attention reeducation
⊿ Dosimetry for Carbon, ARC and FLASH therapies: D-CAF: MecaTech
⊿ Drug-related problems in Belgium from community pharmacies to hospital
⊿ Dynamics of polythermal glaciers (Siberia, Alaska)