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Units : Aéro-thermo-mécanique | ULB824

Description :

This project aims to study the combustion of energy vectors issues  biomass. The study covers the entire production chain of these
fuels, from the preparation of the material to the use of the biomass energy of gaseous fuels in an industrial burner or
micro-turbine for cogeneration. This project, in collaboration with UCL, UMONS, CRA-W and ULB, is part of the new energy efficiency center
and will enable the acquisition of an industrial burner fitted with the latest high-speed laser diagnostics.
Several industrial
partners are involved in the project: Coretec, AGC, Xylowatt, MITIS, GDTech ... Indeed, the purpose of ERDF funding is on the one
hand develop expertise in the field of biomass in Walloon universities but also to provide support to companies to overcome the
challenges associated with these new fuels in an industrial context.

List of persons in charge :


  • PARENTE Alessandro

List of lessors :

  • Région wallonne

  • Feder