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⊿ La construction de la mortalité acceptable : le cas des Etats-Unis, de la France, du Royaume-Uni dans le cadre de la guerre au terrorisme
⊿ Land developmet plans in Belgium.
⊿ Land planning in Belgium and in Europe.
⊿ Language and Cognition Axis
⊿ Late-modern evolutions in juvenile delinquentbehavior (Belgium 1980-2005): a qualitative research
⊿ Legislation on expropriation for the public benefit in Belgium and France and its application in the urban setting (1789-1918).
⊿ Les politiques migratoires des petits États : une étude critique de la relocalisation à Malte et au Luxembourg
⊿ Lexical segmentation of continuous speech in words.
⊿ Linguistic development in children
⊿ Linguistic Policies
⊿ Listening and accompanying of high-potential youngers - Inter-university network (collaboration with UCL - ULg and Université de Mons)
⊿ Local knowledge and climate change. Case study of the agro-pastoral community of Gaddis, Maura BULGHERONI - Co-Direction : V. JOIRIS et E. ZACCAI
⊿ Locals dealing with Developmental Incomes: an updated approach combining Anthropology of Economics and Social Economy (West and Central Africa)
⊿ Longitudinal study of couples asking for medical assistance in procreation resorting to a ''carrying mother''
⊿ LUMINET - Smart streetlights for locating, tracking and classifying road users
⊿ Lung cancer prevention and psychological treatment for nicotine addiction.
⊿ LUtetium-177 DOsimetry as a predictive biomarker of response in metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer patients treated with PSMA radioligand THerapy.
⊿ Luttes contre le terrorisme, la radicalisation et l’extrémisme : les schémas de l’UE et les réponses locales