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echOpen - EICHO : Everywhere Imagery Care with Handheld and Open

(EIT-Health 2019)

Units : LISA - Image Analysis | ULB804

Description :

echOpen is an open and collaborative project, led by a multidisciplinary community of experts and senior professionals joined by
makers and Fablabs members with the goal of developing the very first low-cost and open source ultrasound probe connecting to any
smartphone device. This probe is the stethoscope of our modern mes. This initiative allows radical transformation of clinics by
enabling universal access diagnosis orientation in hospitals, community medicine and medically undeserved areas, in southern and
northern countries.
With the support of a wide academic ecosystem, including APHP and many research centers and universities,
institutional foundations, and a large multidisciplinary open community, the project headquartered at Hotel Dieu hospital in Paris, has
succeeded in September 2017 in developing a functional prototype displaying the first Open Source medical quality ultrasound image.
This was released with a full open source documentation. echOpen is now heading to industrialization.

List of persons in charge :

  • DEBEIR Olivier

List of lessors :

  • Autres U.E.