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Elementary mechanisms of implicit statistical learning and social cognition: A developmental approach

Units : Consciousness, Cognition & Computation Group | ULB484

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The mechanisms through which the child learn to master a structured set of complex stimuli is an centralissue in developmental
psychology. Indeed, language learning constitutes the paradigmatic example ofthis situation. Importantly, language learning takes
place within a complex social context involving theinteraction between several individuals with communicative intentions (Baldwin,
1995; Brooks &Meltzoff, 2005; Bruner, 1983; Tomasello, 2003a, 2003b; Tomasello & Farrar, 1986). However, these theoriesand models
have not yet been tested in the context of early speech and language learning (Kuhl, 2007)and the available data demonstrating the
ability of infants and toddlers to detect the others' intentionsremain sparse (Behne, Carpenter, Call & Tomasello, 2005).

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