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⊿ Machine Learning and Reservoir Computing
⊿ Machine learning projects
⊿ Macroeconomic Theory, Growth and Cycles
⊿ Making War Possible
⊿ MAPK pathway as a target for therapy in melanoma.
⊿ Mapping and modeling exposure to flood hazard in slum areas for sub-Saharan Africa (a novel methodological framework using free open source solutions and Twitter)
⊿ Marine microbial ecology : impact of metallic and organic contaminants on microbial communities in marine sediments (microbial, molecular, biochemical and mineralogical analyses, in pristine and polluted environments).
⊿ MASAAI - Motor Ability and Sleep Analysis using AI and Depth Sensor
⊿ Mathematics lessons using new technologies (Cabri-Geometry, Derive, graphic calculators and formal calculus)
⊿ Matrix-valued affine processes, in particular Wishart Processes: theoretical and applied aspects
⊿ MAUPP : Modeling and forecasting African Urban Population Patterns
⊿ Measuring Consciousness: Bridging the Mind-Brain Gap
⊿ Mechanism of bacterial pathogenicity : toxins (diphtheria, anthrax) and invasines (S. flexneri and Y. enterocolitica)
⊿ Mechanisms and factors influencing articular surface development in the mouse limbs
⊿ Mechanisms of conscious and unconscious learning
⊿ Mechanisms of epigenetic modifications: facts, clues, mysteries
⊿ Mechanisms of intracerebral transplantation in experimental models of neurodegenerative disorders
⊿ Mechanisms of muscle contraction
⊿ Media content in French-speaking Belgium during the 2007 election campaign.
⊿ Medication adherence in asthma and COPD: context analysis and development of a mobile health application
⊿ Medieval genesis of cultural identities in the West and in the East (4th-12th centuries).
⊿ Mental health and addictions
⊿ Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC)
⊿ meta-schedulling in grid computing
⊿ meta-schedulling in grid computing
⊿ Metabolism of phosphoinositides
⊿ Metarepresentation and consciousness
⊿ Methodology for Statistical Data Processing
⊿ Methods and methology in bioethics.
⊿ Metrolab Brussels
⊿ Metropolitan areas, citizen mobilizations and public policies
⊿ Microarrays
⊿ Microbiological aspect of drinking water production and distribution
⊿ Microbiological quality of aquatic ecosystems
⊿ Microenvironment and leukemia
⊿ Microfinance in Developing Countries
⊿ Migration and Asylum in the EU
⊿ Militant intellectuals in the inter-war period
⊿ Mobility infrastructures
⊿ Modeling cell differentiation and the segmentation clock
⊿ Modeling of gaseous quantum detectors
⊿ Modeling targeted psychological variables at work in the rehabilitation of traumatized low back pain.
⊿ Modeling the dynamics of the mammalian cell cycle.
⊿ Modelization of higher (university and non-university) education in the French Community of Belgium
⊿ Modelling and simulation of turbulent conductive flows in the limit of a low magnetic Reynolds number.
⊿ Modelling of neutron star crust
⊿ Modelling of the evolution and nucleosynthesis of stars.
⊿ Modelling of the mechanisms involved in sequence learning
⊿ Modelling oscillations and waves of cytosolic calcium
⊿ Models for epidemies in insurance
⊿ Molecular agregates and prebiotic molecules
⊿ Molecular and cellular biology of brain development
⊿ Molecular Biology of Inlammation
⊿ Molecular classification and identification of tumor stem cell biomarkers in neuro-oncology
⊿ Molecular genetics of hereditary diseases
⊿ Molecular mechanisms of frataxin gene silencing in Friedreich ataxia and therapeutic approaches to restore gene expression.
⊿ Molecular mechanisms of sensory neurogenesis and pain perception
⊿ Molecular Parasitology
⊿ Molecular vibration
⊿ Money and power : the bankers of the princes and the cities in the Low Countries with particular emphasis on the duchy of Brabant from the end of the 12th century to 1430.
⊿ MONISA - Health monitoring of an EMA for aircraft primary flight surface control
⊿ Morphology and Syntax Axis
⊿ MOSQUIMAP : Mapping urban malaria vector habitat suitability using very-high resolution imagery
⊿ MOVES: Fundamental Issues in Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software
⊿ Multi-culturality and police: diversity within diversity
⊿ Multi-dimensional Morse theory
⊿ Multi-fidelity Intelligent Network System for Crowd Monitoring (MUFINS)
⊿ Multi-sensor battery monitoring
⊿ Multimedia and archival documentary search system for the Monnaie Royal Theatre and other cultural institutions.
⊿ Multiple curve interest rate modelling
⊿ Multiscale analysis of drying processes
⊿ MUSE-WINET - MUlti-SErvice WIreless NETwork
⊿ Musical trajectories and under-representation of women in the Belgian French-speaking music sector (2019-2020)
⊿ Myths from the indo-european literature. I. The myths of the Hittits: the myth of Ullikumi.