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For the letter C
⊿ Cancer immunotherapy
⊿ Cardiac fibrosis
⊿ Cardiovascular and Respiratory Rehabilitation
⊿ CASIM: Mapping impervious surfaces in Wallonia
⊿ Cave-shelter of Tiène des Maulins, Éprave (province of Namur)
⊿ cdqd Stephenson
⊿ CEECEC : Civil society engagement with ecological economics
⊿ Cellular and molecular basis of the sexual dimorphism on the immune inflammatory response in infectious and non-infectious inflammatory diseases
⊿ Cellular immunotherapy
⊿ Cemeteries and burials of the Middle Ages.
⊿ Center of perinatal epidemiology and epidemiological studies
⊿ Ceramic in Ancient Cultures : Production, Distribution, Uses.
⊿ Cerebellum and Ataxias
⊿ Changes in metabolic activity of the brain associated with executive deficits observed in the first chemotherapy cycles against lymphoma : a FDG-PET pilote prospective study
⊿ Channel Aware Localization for 5G Networks
⊿ Characterisation of the function of Rhesus factors in mice
⊿ Characterization in terms of points and lines of grassmannians of buildings and of diagram geometries
⊿ Characterization of new copper complexes and study of their photoreactions (PhotoCop project)
⊿ Characterization of the AU-rich dependent mecanism of messenger RNAs degradation in Drosophila melanogaster.
⊿ Characterization of the RND systems involved in the bacterial mechanisms of heavy metal resistance.
⊿ Characterization of TIAR and TIA-1 nucleo-cytoplasmic trafficking
⊿ Characterization of tissue-based biomarkers using image analysis
⊿ Chemical and isotopic composition of ice from antarctic ice shelves : implications for global change (ISMIce, ASPI)
⊿ Chemical Ecology and structural colors of leaf beetles
⊿ Chemical profile and toxicity of ecstasy tablets illegally distributed in Belgium
⊿ Chemically peculiar stars and binarity : observational and theorical studies.
⊿ Childproof alternatif Children's Environmental Health Action Plan (CEHAP) Towards a healthier environment for children, an inspirational dialogue for the 6th WHO Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health
⊿ CHIral symmetry breaking from Surface to Bulk: a multidisciplinary approach of the crystallization of achiral and chiral molecules
⊿ Chloride channels and transporters involved in insulin secretion, special focus on anoctamin(s) channel(s).
⊿ Cities of Making
⊿ Classes of homogeneous symplectic manifolds and of symplectic symmetric spaces
⊿ Classification of chamber-transitive geometries of type c.L*
⊿ CleanGas
⊿ Climate change mitigation policies and social justice in Belgium
⊿ Clinical aspects of resilience in Shoah family survivors
⊿ Clinical study of the function of epileptic and pseudo-epileptic crises in residential patients of specialised neurological institutions
⊿ CMS experiment at the LHC: search for extra spatial dimensions
⊿ CO2 sequestration
⊿ Coastal Research Network on Environmental Changes - CREC
⊿ COBRA : emergence and continuity
⊿ COllaborative Consortium for the early detection of LIver CANcer (COCLICAN)
⊿ Collaborative tagging
⊿ Collective Memory
⊿ Colonial and post-colonial worlds
⊿ Combinatorial optimization
⊿ Combinatorial optimization
⊿ Commerce geography and urbanism
⊿ Comparative analysis of political reform university education in Quebec, the French Community of Belgium and France these last thirty-five years
⊿ Comparative neurobiology and brain functional morphology of brain aging in primates
⊿ Comparative studies of the big European cities and modelling of the urban phenomena.
⊿ Comparative study of the ancient mathematical texts (India, Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China) with regard to their content, their form and their relation with ritual.
⊿ Comparing direct and indirect measures of learning
⊿ Competition Law - private sector
⊿ Competition Law - Public sector : public services, universal services, state aids, etc.
⊿ Competition Policy
⊿ Compilation of a compendium of good practices within companies in terms of return to work (2021)
⊿ Complex fluid flows
⊿ Complex geometry of flat bundles over hyperbolic 3-manifolds
⊿ Complex quantum systems
⊿ Complex, symplectic and contact geometry, quantisation and interactions (ARC)
⊿ Computational atomic structure
⊿ Computational modeling of the learning of disjoint contingencies
⊿ Computational neuroscience : biomathématical modelisation of sleep EEG signal in normal subjects and sleep disordered patients
⊿ Computational statistical physics
⊿ Computer-assisted molecular modeling and simulations of the structure, thermodynamics and dynamics of biological macromolecules. Study of the association between biological macromolecules
⊿ Computerised inventory of the archives of the Comintern on Belgium
⊿ Confessional networks, minorities and migrations
⊿ Congenital immune deficiencies
⊿ Connection between adolescence suicide attempt and the representation of filiation bonds
⊿ CONSENTSUS (CONstruction of Scenarios and Exploration of Transition pathways for SUStainable consumption patterns)
⊿ Consequences of schooling and literacy on language and cognition
⊿ Conservation of plant genetical resources
⊿ Constructivist Studies
⊿ Consumption and communication
⊿ Contemporary conjugal lives
⊿ Contextual analysis of bioethics emergence in Belgium and in Quebec
⊿ Contribution to the assessment of drug antioxidant capacity in the myeloperoxidase system
⊿ Contribution to the prevention of running injuries in recreational runners: Interest of a prevention program targeting risk factors
⊿ Control of cell proliferation, Cancer
⊿ Convection aroung chemical fronts
⊿ Coordination complexes as photoactivatable agents for biological applications
⊿ COPINE-IoT - Convergence of Power and Information Networks for Internet of Things Applications
⊿ Corporate and Public Governance
⊿ Correct, efficient and robust controllers
⊿ Cortical localization of oscillatory activities and functional connectivity during sleep in aging: a comprehensive approach combining electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalograhy (MEG).
⊿ Critical Analysis of the ethical aspects of the EEC R et D politic
⊿ Critical analysis of the origin and the evolution of the educational sciences, in the Belgian context
⊿ Critical edition of all the works of Tasso
⊿ Critical edition of the long version of the Roman de Renart le Contrefait
⊿ Critiques of Human Rights
⊿ Cross-cutting scientific activities
⊿ CROSSROADS of empires : archaeology, material culture and sociopolitical relationships in West Africa
⊿ Crowd dynamics monitoring on mass events with Wi-Fi-based passive radars
⊿ Cryo-Single Photon Counting
⊿ Cryptasc
⊿ Cryptasc
⊿ Cryptasc 2
⊿ Cryptasc 2
⊿ Cultural and natural heritage management (museums, sites, monuments and parks).
⊿ Cultural history
⊿ Cultural horizons of adolescents in the school context of the French speaking Belgian community
⊿ Customer-centered business models for zero-carbon energy scenario's
⊿ Cyclic nucleotide phospho-diesterases and sepsis
⊿ CYDIPLO - European Cyberdiplomacy