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For the letter T
⊿ Tax Law Unit
⊿ Teaching practices at elementary school
⊿ Teatching evolutionary biology at the primary and secondary school
⊿ Technological development
⊿ Technology Acceptance
⊿ Telecommunication networks planning
⊿ Telecommunication networks planning
⊿ Territorial metabolism
⊿ Testing and preemptive quarantine for the control of epidemics
⊿ The ''Parquet'' of the Belgian Court of cassation (19th - 20th Centuries) (cf.Attorney-General).
⊿ The Alexandrov theorem of space-time simplified and generalized in terms of affine incidence geometry of any dimension over any field
⊿ The Anti-Enlightenment: counter-revolutionary thought of the 19th century and its contemporary descendants.
⊿ The architecture of the Project: An Epistemological Diagnosis of the Architectural Project in the Regime of Project Management
⊿ The Assyrian Empire: A prosopographic study
⊿ The boulevards of the center of Brussels ( XIXth - XXIst century )
⊿ The Christian Kabbalah in the 17th century
⊿ The confinement of minor offenders in the ''De Grubbe'' Federal Center and in the two closed public institutions for boys in the French-speaking Community area (Fraipont and Braine-le-Château).
⊿ The cultural exchanges between Spain and Belgium
⊿ The duchy of Brabant : Territorial formation and political organization (11th-12th centuries).
⊿ The economico-environmental foresight as a tool for integrated coastal zone management
⊿ The effects of the tax system on the behaviour of individuals: job offers, saving and choice of portfolio
⊿ The elementary Treatise of the civil law by Henri De Page
⊿ The EU as an international actor
⊿ The government of "green" resources. A political sociology of lithium mining and financialization
⊿ The innate immune response in infection and cancer (starting in 2014)
⊿ The instruments of the roman legal procedure
⊿ The intersection between Architecture, Urbanism and social Sciences/see sasha
⊿ The legitimization of violence in international politics
⊿ The links of politics and religion: religious conceptions of politics and political theorizations of religion. Political theology and secularism.
⊿ The Mangrove Reference Database and Herbarium
⊿ The Middle Ages in art and literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.
⊿ The Origins of the Faculty of Law of the Free University of Brussels and of Law Teaching in Belgium.
⊿ The place of the law inthe Civils courts : a peace between proximity and technicity
⊿ The positioning of Brussels during the 2012 olympic games
⊿ The quantitative determination of biologically active constituents or occuring in medicinal plants and their extracts
⊿ The relation between heritage attractions and tourism
⊿ The role of law in equatorian Amazony : questions about the native populations ' rights
⊿ The roman legal reasoning and itsmodus of expression
⊿ The Song of Aspremont
⊿ The state of sensorimotor cortical oscillations at hand
⊿ The status of life and living being in bioethics: an historical, philosophical and critical study
⊿ The study and expression of stress proteins of the HSP90 family during the embryonic development of the mouse
⊿ The transition from secondary education to university education
⊿ The Utility of Judicial Archives as a source of Urban History.
⊿ The value of virtual reality in the assessment and management of the cervical spine
⊿ The value of work during history
⊿ The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties : A Commentary
⊿ The Welfare workers in justice: which ideology(ies) behind the social work in justice ?
⊿ The “degree zero of architectural writing” in Bruno Zevi’s historiographical and critical work: overcoming the antagonism between “high” and “low” architecture.
⊿ Theater history in French in Belgium
⊿ Theoretical and computational biology
⊿ Theoretical and numerical study of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
⊿ Theoretical modeling and image analysis in near-field microscopy
⊿ Theoretical models of the traditional media applied to ICT.
⊿ Theoretical study of physiological disorders associated with dysfunctions of the circadian clock
⊿ Theory of Mind and Self-Awareness
⊿ Theory of the incidence geometries of type L.Af* satisfying an intersection axiom
⊿ Therapeutical photochemistry
⊿ Thyroidology
⊿ Time series analysis and applications to macroeconomics
⊿ Time series modelisation of sleep EEG signal by Granger causality methods
⊿ TIMOTHY - Tracing and integrated modeling of natural and anthropogenic effects on hydrosystems - The Scheldt river basin and adjacent coastal North Sea (and related PhD)
⊿ TIRAMISU : Comprehensive toolbox for humanitarian clearing of large civil areas from anti-personal landmines and cluster munitions - Integration Project
⊿ to be translated
⊿ To provide a multidimensional approach to educational systems on the basis of budget size (public funds), and the criteria of the efficient threshold (multivariate analysis), private return on investment and on equity (externalities)
⊿ Topological symplectic manifolds
⊿ Tourism and urban centres revitalisation
⊿ Tourism development in an ethnic quarter in Brussels: is the tourist dynamic endogen or exogenous?
⊿ Tourism valorisation and spatial development in rural areas
⊿ Towards the next generation of smart and visual multi-modal sensor networks
⊿ Tradition and wealth of the work of Ugo Foscolo in Europe
⊿ Traduction
⊿ Traduction
⊿ Traffic engeneering in IP networks
⊿ Traffic engeneering in IP networks
⊿ Transcriptional regulation of Bovine Leukemia Virus gene expression.
⊿ Transcriptional regulation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 gene expression.
⊿ Transcriptional regulation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 gene expression.
⊿ Transforming regionalism: security politics and the 'remaking' of West Africa
⊿ Transgenesis
⊿ Translation and edition of philosophical texts of Lvov-Warsaw School
⊿ Translation from German into French by Ch. Bouckaert of books by E. Ch. Wittman and his team on teaching mathematics in primary schools
⊿ translation in progress
⊿ Transport geography and mobility.
⊿ Transport phenomena in human lungs
⊿ Transport phenomena in the cardiovascular system
⊿ Transportation and traffic : models and algorithms.
⊿ Transportation and traffic : models and algorithms.
⊿ Treatment in prison. Comparative analysis Canada-Frane-Belgium-Switzerland
⊿ Treatments in Clinical Geriatrics Oncology: Impact of Hospitalization on Functional Autonomy, Quality of Life and Survival. Interuniversity and Interdisciplinary Test Project.
⊿ Trees and shrubs of Katanga (DR Congo)
⊿ Trust in security protocols
⊿ Trust in security protocols
⊿ TYRP1 (tyrosinase-related protein 1) as prognosis marker and target for therapy - TYRP1 function and regulation by miRNA