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Modelling of the evolution and nucleosynthesis of stars.

Units : Astronomy and Astrophysics Institute | ULB105

Description :

Study of the structure and evolution of low and intermediate mass from the T-Tauri to the Asymptotic Red Giant Branch and white
darf evolutionary stage : construction of efficient computer codes, improvement of the physics of stellar interiors by taking into
account the transport of angular momentun and chemicals (by rotation, overshooting and gravity waves) and of the URCA process.
Confrontation between calculated and observed surface compositions. Hydrodynamical simulations of the propagation of shock waves,
detonation t the surface of white dwarfs and neutron stars. Determination of yields and implicaitions to the galactical chemical
evolution. Study of the nucleosynthesis in advanced stellar evolutionary phases of massive stars.

List of persons in charge :

  • ARNOULD Marcel

  • SIESS Lionel

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