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For the letter R
⊿ R and D for data acquisition systems (elementary particle physics and astroparticles)
⊿ Rational drug design
⊿ REACT : Remote sensing for Epidemiology in African CiTies
⊿ Real-time parallel systems
⊿ Real-time parallel systems
⊿ Reasoning, argumentation and legal interpretations
⊿ Rebels and subversion
⊿ Reconstruction and prediction of spatio-temporal dynamics of mangroves : vegetation community analysis and study of multi-temporal remote sensing data.
⊿ Recursive computational methods for compound distributions
⊿ Red blood cell and sepsis
⊿ REFER: Cognitive Transparency of semantic contents, pragmatic determination of reference
⊿ Reference spectroscopic data
⊿ Reforming Representative Democracy?
⊿ Regenerative medicine and transplantation
⊿ Regulatory T cells
⊿ Relations between music and language in perception and memory for songs
⊿ Relations between the Belgian Court of cassation and its '' Parquet'' in the 19th Century : the example of judgments delivered against the advice of the Parquet.
⊿ Relations between the mental representations of numbers and the mental representation of musical tones
⊿ Relationships between consciousness and learning
⊿ Renal adaptation to exercise
⊿ Research aimed in the identification of genes involved in wood development in poplar tree.
⊿ Research in communication, policy decision-making, management ideology and human resources management in small businesses, the modernization of public fonction.
⊿ Research in economics of education - financing and cost : international comparisons
⊿ Research methodology in clinical psychology
⊿ Research on Medieval spirituality (5th-12th centuries).
⊿ Research on sport psychology
⊿ Research Policy
⊿ Research Project for Development (PRD): Investigation of the inlammatory response in infectious diseaes of the mother-infant dyad in Morocco
⊿ RESIT. Human rights versus democracy? Towards a conceptual genealogy of skepticism about human rights discourse in contemporary political thought.
⊿ Resonance analysis in sleep EEG recordings by autoregressive methods (collaboration with Professor F. Grenez from Faculty of Polytechnics, ULB)
⊿ Restorative justice, towards a new justice model ? Comparative Study between Belgium and Denmark
⊿ Revue of legislative acts
⊿ Risk management, in particular in insurance and mathematical finance
⊿ Robotic Bricklayer: a multi-robot system for sand-lime blocks masonry
⊿ Role of myofibroblasts in the recurrence of rectal cancer treated by neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy
⊿ Role of salivary secretions in biofilm regulation.
⊿ Roles of ubiquitin and lipids in trafficking of membrane proteins
⊿ Roma site of Alba Fucens (Italy)
⊿ Ruin probability, over finite or infinite horizon