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MUSE-WINET - MUlti-SErvice WIreless NETwork

Units : Wireless communications group | ULB812

Description :

Capitalizing on the paradigms of wireless network virtualization and slicing, and of densification promoted all across the
wireless ecosystem, this project intends to investigate multi-service wireless networks (MUSE-WINETs) based on a common and shared
infrastructure made of Cloud/Fog servers and radio heads equipped with large antenna arrays. The targeted wireless services
significantly extend the concept of data transfer slicing, towards power transfer, positioning and wireless access to shared computational
resources for cooperative sensing and IoT applications.

To enable the optimization of the performance jointly achievable for all
radio and computational services, the project will investigate a cross (X)-service design paradigm. X- service design combines
initial slicing of the resources for the different services, a cooperative management of the resources across services in view of
their coupling, and inter-service message passing to exploit possible synergies between services. 

The project intends to
understand the performance trade-offs achievable with MUSE-WINETs and the synergies and inter-service fertilization originating from the
X-service design, and to design optimized algorithms for the transceivers, the resource management, and the computational load
distribution. This requires the setting up of proper stochastic analytical frameworks. The research questions will be instantiated to
use cases and the answers illustrated and corroborated by prototype elements.

In MUSE-WINET, ULB-WCG will focus on the interplay
existing between communication and positioning services supported by the network. While communications signals can serve as a
reference to improve positioning of a terminal, the information on the location itself is interesting to enhance communications with
the terminal.

List of persons in charge :

  • DE DONCKER Philippe

  • HORLIN François

List of lessors :

  • PAI