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⊿ DevInc – Locals dealing with Developmental Incomes. An updated approach combining Anthropology of Economics and Social Economy (West & Central Africa).
⊿ General and regional semiotics
⊿ High Accuracy Terminal Positioning based on Emerging 5G Waveforms
⊿ Uses and appropriation of architectural and urban spaces
⊿ Women political emigration
⊿ ''Participatory mapping as a tool of good governance of the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve (Tshopo / DR Congo)''.
⊿ (Re)imagining the nation in the age of the Anthropocene: a comparative study of "green nationalism" in China, Singapore and Taiwan
⊿ 1. Study of the genetic predisposition to epilepsy and to antieplieptic treatment response (pharmacogenetics).
⊿ 2012-2017: Partnership in the creation of a «Center of excellence in planning and urban governance» and a «Master program in Urbanism» at the University of Lubumbashi (RDC)
⊿ 2013-2014: Making of a «Heritage mapping of the Gorée island» and «Constitution of an heritage-GIS linked to existing databases», in relation to the XVth Francophony summit (Dakar, 29-30 November 2014)
⊿ 2013-2014: Preparation of a «Best-pratice guidebook in passive-building» (Grand Livre du Passif / architecture: passive - stratégies, expériences et regards croisés en Belgique, 440 p.)
⊿ 2013-2014: «Restauration et valorisation project for the ''Maison de l'Amiral'' in Gorée (Dakar, Senegal), a UNESCO world-heritage site»
⊿ 2013-2015. RECHERCHE POSTDOCTORALE: Marco Ranzato, Integrated water design for the Brussels Capital Region. Scenarios and models of water flows decentralization for enhancing the urban landscape of Brussels
⊿ 2013-2018: «Local Capacity Building for Sustainable Urban Development of Small Regional Towns in Ethiopia: the Case of Amdewerk»
⊿ 2013: «Promised Lands : internal colonisation in 20th century Mediterranean history», exploratory research workshop (7-10 October 2013: Rome-Sabaudia, Italy)
⊿ 2014-2015: Implementation of the «Innovation Comittee» to identify the innovative practices in sustainable building in Brussels
⊿ 2014-2016 : « Observatory for Innovative Practices » (oPI)
⊿ 2014-2016 : « Observatory for Innovative Practices » (oPI)
⊿ 2014-2018: Public spaces of the African city, between uses and project: the case-study of South Benin cities from pre-colonial origins
⊿ 2016-2019: MODSCAPES : modernist reinventions of the rural landscape (European collaborative project)
⊿ 2016-2020 ''Typologies of Institutionalised Coproduction of Water and Sanitation Services in the Urban South (TYCO-WSS)'', promoteurs : MORETTO Luisa, TELLER Jacques (ULg). Budget : 459.140 Euro. Chercheurs impliqués : ROSATI Federica, FALDI Giuseppe
⊿ 2D/HPLC/mass spectrometry
⊿ 3D Acquisition of complex artifacts (surface and geometry).
⊿ 3D kinematics of the cervical vertebrae with a dysfunction before and after an osteopathic manipulation