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Technology Acceptance

Units : Research Center for Work and Consumer Psychology | ULB102

Description :

Questions of technology use and acceptance are essential in today's world. The development of original and innovative computing
devices has created a plethora of new interaction modes. Three research axes are developed in our research centre. 1. The study of
individual, situational and organizational characteristics, which impact the technology acceptance processes. 2. The study of the
users' cognitive load through the Cognitive Load Theory framework to understand how the features of an online news website
influence web browsing behaviours and information retention. Our studies emphasize that the presence of multimedia content influences the
amount of information retainded by users after they read online news website. Also, the presence of images related to the content
of the article improves information retention, while the addition of irrelevant animations leads to a decreased performance.
Moreover, our studies highlights that cognitive load can be successfully used to explain users' interactions with hypermedia, such as
online newspapers. 3. The study of the user experience (UX) with multi-touch devices. By proposing an innovative perspective on the
users' appraisal of new technologies, our studies aims through the study CUE-Model (Thüring & Mahlke, 2007), and the use of
multi-touch devices (tablets, e.g. iPad) to measure the dynamic nature of the UX component and relationships over time in educational
contexts. These researches contribute to a better understanding of the UX dynamical nature, as well as the psychological
implications of multi-touch technology use, and so, will provide some useful advice to favour learners' motivations and performances.