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Reasoning, argumentation and legal interpretations

Units : Perelman Center for legal philosophy | ULB055

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In the wake of Chaïm Perelman, who renewed study of rhetoric and legal philosophy, the Perelman Center Perelman for Legal
Philosophy follows the study of legal and especially judicial reasoning in its philosophical, historical and practical dimensions. Two
doctoral thesis were supported within the Centre on this topic, the one on the history of the models of interpretation (Benoît
Frydman) and another one on judgement (Julie Allard). A third one is in progress on the proportionality (Jean-Claude Dupont). This
global research program which put together lawyers, philosophers, linguists and specialists of argumentation, includes a double
dimension: epistemological, centered on the study of modes of reasoning, and practice, centered on observation and training of the
actors of the judicial world.

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