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Wireless communications group

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Discipline: Electronics, photonics, telecommunication and control

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Societal impact: Security

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Societal impact: Transport

(Code: ULB812)

Channel Aware Localization for 5G Networks


The project general objective is to develop a localization system that will complement the 5G functionalities by delivering localization with one-meter ...

MUSE-WINET - MUlti-SErvice WIreless NETwork


Capitalizing on the paradigms of wireless network virtualization and slicing, and of densification promoted all across the wireless ecosystem, this pro ...

COPINE-IoT - Convergence of Power and Information Networks for Internet of Things Applications

Région bruxelloise.

Radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting is founded on the ability of converting the energy carried by an electromagnetic wave through the air into elect ...

Secure Weapon System (SWS)

Région wallonne.

SWS general objective is to increase safety in the use of weapons, by introducing new technologies.

Geostatistics for Electromagnetic Monitoring System (GEMS)

Région wallonne.

L’objectif scientifique du projet GEMS est de développer un système distribué de monitoring et analyse des réseaux de télécommunications sans f ...

LUMINET - Smart streetlights for locating, tracking and classifying road users

Région wallonne.

The emergence of connected electronic devices has paved the way for the concept of "smart city". In the paradigm of smart cities, each electr ...

Advanced MaPping of residential ExposuRE to RF-EMF sources (AMPERE)

Autres moyens financiers dépendant de l'étranger.

The AMPERE project aims to develop an advanced approach of spatio-temporal EMF exposure mapping by means of advanced statistical tools.
The spatial an ...

Multi-fidelity Intelligent Network System for Crowd Monitoring (MUFINS)

Région bruxelloise.

An intelligent crowd monitoring system for large public events will be developed. The system will be based on a multi-fidelity approach: cellular netwo ...

High Accuracy Terminal Positioning based on Emerging 5G Waveforms


Localization has recently become a key functionality in cellular networks to support position-based services. Current techniques used in 4G provide an  ...

Crowd dynamics monitoring on mass events with Wi-Fi-based passive radars


Crowd monitoring technologies are receiving increased attention as they may help mass event organisers preventing disasters in real-time. They mainly a ...

GEOHYPE - Geocasting pour l’ultra-focalisation spatiale de données

Gouvernements étrangers.

Associating wireless information to certain physical locations is an interesting feature that many applications can benefit from. This capability is kn ...