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GEOHYPE - Geocasting pour l’ultra-focalisation spatiale de données


Units : Wireless communications group | ULB812

Description :

Associating wireless information to certain physical locations is an interesting feature that many applications can benefit from.
This capability is known as geocasting. Just like pictures are tagged with the location where they have been clicked, geocasting
enables to tag a real physical location by wirelessly transmitting data that are only decodable within desired delimited areas.
Thus, users can receive information related to the place where they are. 

Consequently, GEOHYPE’s focus is to investigate physical
solutions that enable the broadcasting of information to specific spatial locations, using limited infrastructures. From a
scientific point of view, the problem is to find a way for a base station to wirelessly transmit data that are decodable only within
desired areas. To do so at the physical layer, base stations have to exhibit spatial focusing capabilities. Multiple-Input
Single-Output (MISO) architectures can be used for that purpose.
The goal is to focus the transmitted data rather than focusing the
transmitted power as is usually done with beamforming technology. The idea is to process the precode the signalm in order to be decodable
only at a predetermined spot.

List of persons in charge :

  • DE DONCKER Philippe

  • HORLIN François

List of lessors :

  • Gouvernements étrangers