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Graphs and Mathematical Optimization (G.O.M.)

Faculty of Sciences | Computer Science

(Code: ULB604)

Person in charge of the unit : FORTZ Bernard.

The research unit ''Graphs and Mathematical Optimization'' at the University of Brussels develops its fundamental and applied research activities in the
broad field of optimization, and in particular combinatorial in optimization, transportation, traffic, location, network, telecommunication, production
planning, logistics.

Campus : Campus de la Plaine
Location : Campus PLaine, Bat.NO, niveau 3
Address : CP210/01 Bruxelles
Phone number : +32-2-650.38.36
Fax : +32-2-650.59.70
E-mail :
Web site :

Disciplines CRef :

 • Graph theory

 • Network optimization

 • Operations research

 • Telecommunications engineering (telecommunications)

 • Theory of algorithms