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Graphs and Mathematical Optimization (G.O.M.)

Faculty of Sciences | Computer Science

(Code: ULB604)

Telecommunication networks planning

FRIA - Région bruxelloise - Entreprises privées - Entreprises étrangères.

Combinatorial optimization tools are developed in order to design and plan telecommunication networks (reserve problem, network design, routing). These ...

Transportation and traffic : models and algorithms.

PAI - Région bruxelloise - Entreprises privées.

Development of transportation and traffic models based on operations research, exact and approximate  algorithms using mathematical programming, combin ...

Combinatorial optimization

FRIA - Région bruxelloise - Entreprises privées.

Modelling and algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems

Bilevel programming

FRIA - Autres U.E. - Entreprises étrangères.

Study of bilevel optimization problems and in particular those which bilinear. Application of those models to tax and toll setting. Development of mode ...

Traffic engeneering in IP networks

Financement de base institutionnel.

This project aims at the development of exact and heuristic methods for the optimization of networks working with the internet protocol (IP). More prec ...