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Biomass Transformation Lab (PhotoBioCatalysis and BioMatter) (BTL)

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Discipline : Chimie et matériaux

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Impact sociétal : Alimentation

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Impact sociétal : Santé

(Code: ULB831)

Reverse Photosynthesis for Brussels - RE4BRU

Région bruxelloise.

Plant and seafood wastes are abundant renewable biomass on Earth and in the Brussels region that are attractive sources of bioenergy and bio based chem ...

Self-sealing, anti-infectious wound dressing materials based on chitin hydrogel

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Currently, there is an increasing trend on design and development of new wound healing/sealing materials. The focus is to use biobased materials such a ...