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Biomass Transformation Lab (PhotoBioCatalysis and BioMatter) (BTL)

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Discipline : Chimie et matériaux

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Impact sociétal : Alimentation

École polytechnique de Bruxelles | Impact sociétal : Santé

(Code: ULB831)

Responsables de l'unité : SHAVANDI Mohammadamin, CANNELLA David.

Various aspects of biomass valorization are addressed at BTL. In particular, the laboratory focuses on studying the fundamentals and direct applications of
bioprocesses for the transformation of bio-resources into added value products including biofuels, biomaterials for tissue engineering, biomedical
products, and prebiotics by adhering to the concepts of circular economy, bio-based society, and industry. 

The laboratory consist of two research

PhotoBioCatalysis: focuses on depolymerization of biomass such as lignocellulose and marine-derived bioresources, and plastic into new high-value building
blocks using novel approaches such as light energy coupled with fungal and bacterial enzymes (PETase). This activity is the core of the sustainable
degradation of waste. The monomers are then transformed via fermentation into higher value products. 

BioMatter: explores the recovery and application of
high-value building blocks generated at PhotoBiocatalysis to produce various high-value polymers, pigments, bioactive molecules and structures for biomaterials
tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and food applications. The unit is dedicated to research on additive manufacturing biomaterials at ULB and focuses
on improving the functional properties of biopolymers to develop multifunctional biomaterials with diverse physiochemical characteristics:
biocompatibility, biodegradability, and stimuli-responsive for biomedical and food applications. 

Localisation : UD5
Adresse : CPCP 165/61 - Avenue F.D. Roosevelt, - 1050 Brussels
Téléphone : +32-2-650.36.81
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