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Laboratory of translational research, campus Brugmann (LRT)

Faculty of Medicine | Brugmann Hospital

(Code: ULB223)

Etude de l'inflammation et de l'immunité innée dans différents modèles cliniques

Entreprises publiques - Financement de base institutionnel.

Developpement de techniques d'immunohematologie visant l'amelioration de la sécurité transfusionnelle

Région wallonne.


Région wallonne.

 Research projet ailing to develop and validate a  Point of Care Test (POCT) medical device  to perform, at the patient bedside, a double verification  ...

Expression and role of the Parathyroid Hormone-related Peptide (PTHrP) in bone.

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We bave demonstrated the expression of PTHrP mRNA and peptide in foetal and adult bone tissue. We look at its regulation by endocrine or paracrine fact ...

Study of the methods used to evaluate bone mass and fracture risk

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The golden standard for bone evaluation is dual photon X-ray absorptiometry(DXA) of the lumbar spine and of the hip. More recently, ultrasounds have be ...

Study of bone diseases, especiallv those associated with an abnormality of vitamin D metabolism and of parathyroid hormone secretion.Study of disuse osteoporosis (coll. withe the CTR).

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Metabolic bone diseases, particularly those associated with hyperparathyroidism and with urolithiasis and different forms of osteoporosis are studied w ...

Diagnosis and investigation of neuro-muscular diseases

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The neuromuscular pathology unit bas developed technics to identify the membrane proteins linked to different muscular dystrophies, like dystrophin, th ...

Fetal graft development

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Study of proliferation and differenciation of transplanted fetal organs