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Laboratory of translational research, campus Brugmann (LRT)

Faculty of Medicine | Brugmann Hospital

(Code: ULB223)

Skills of the unit :

► Evaluation of the methods of bone measurement (coll. with the Department of Nuclear Medicine, the laboratory of clinical chemistry, the department of medicine and the Clinic of Rheumatology)
► Biochemical and histological study of muscle dystrophies (in coll with the pathology laboratory).
► Measurement of vitamin D metabolites (1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D)(coll. with the laboratory of clinical chemistryy).
► Extraction of RNA. PCR and real-time PCR (expression of: parathyroid hormone related peptide, PTH receptors, TGFbeta,MDR genes). 
► Analysis of proliferation, apoptosis, membrane and intracytoplasmic marker expression and protein phosphorylation on normal and leukemic blood cells
► Functionnal studies of phagocytosis, killing, respiratory burst of phagocytic cells
► Bronchial challenge by acute endotoxin inhalation  Provoked expectoration in healthy volunteers  Blister induction by negative pressure
► Cell culture