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Anthropology and Human Genetics

Faculty of Sciences | Biology of Organisms

(Code: ULB114)

Bioethics: problematic subjets in biology

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA) - Financement de base institutionnel.

Discussion on the philosophical and anthropological basis of bioethics. Definition of the human person from conception to death including concepts such ...

Growth, puberty and environmental factors. Secular trend in Belgium.

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Analysis of physical delopment (height, weight, muscular index. pubertal age,...) of childIen and adolescents as health indicator on individual level ( ...

Growth and medical applications : standards and modelisation.

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Biometrical and social surveys on numerous subjects (infants and scholar children) to obtain recent and representative data- Fitting and adaptation of  ...

Paleoanthropology of historical and prehistoric populations.

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Study of human skeletons discovered during archaeological excavations. Are included classical anthaeological methods as osteometry, but also palaeodemo ...

Eco-ethology and conservation of non-human primates

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Social behaviour and vocal communication in non-human primates

General structures and brain evolution of ornithischia dinosaurs


Comparative anatomy of the brains of reptiles and birds. Evolutive trends between dinosaurs and birds.