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Laboratory for Functional Anatomy

Teaching descriptive, functional and palpatory anatomy and embryology to physical therapy, physical education and osteopathy students. Research: functional anatomy and biomechanics (1) spatial electrogoniometry applied in vivo and in vitro, (2) evaluation of lumbar and cervical spine kinematics in normal and clinical conditions (disk disease, Whiplash Syndrome, kinematics and effect of certain manipulation techniques), (3) three-dimensional imaging and kinematic analysis, (4) functional anatomy of the wrist, (5) gait analysis

Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis

Education - Our LABO teaches anatomy to students of various programs, including medicine, dental sciences, veterinary sciences, physical therapy, occupational therapy, bioengineering, sports, nursing, pharmacy, medical biology and arts. Moreover, LABO members also teach human embryology. Research - The LABO is active in several fields thanks to its multidisciplinary staff and expertise: Biomechanics, Anatomy, Organogenesis, Embryology, Veterinary Sciences and Legal Medicine. State-of-the-art equipment is available. Clinics - The Center for Functional Evaluation (or CFE) organised by LABO offers patients, and their therapists, all services for following-up of locomotor and gesture disabilities linked to a variety of disorders (orthopeadics, neurology, etc). Clinical research is also performed at LABO. Logistics - The LABO is taking part in the organisation of various structures and international scientific events.


Anthropo-morphology of the hand. Volume measurements and theoretical and practical implications. Study on 250 male hand moldings and on living subjects

This project aims at constructing a volumic measurement system for the hand and at establishing correlations between various anthropometric parameters and hand volume. Several practical applications of hand volume are considered: influence of temperature and gestual parameters, suitability of therapeutic activity, volumic hand reconstruction, ...