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Laboratory for Functional Anatomy (LAF)

Faculty of Motor Skills Sciences | Research Centers

(Code: ULB390)

Person in charge of the unit : FEIPEL Véronique.

Teaching descriptive, functional and palpatory anatomy and embryology to physical therapy, physical education and osteopathy students. Research: functional
anatomy and biomechanics (1) spatial electrogoniometry applied in vivo and in vitro, (2) evaluation of lumbar and cervical spine kinematics in normal and
clinical conditions (disk disease, Whiplash Syndrome, kinematics and effect of certain manipulation techniques), (3) three-dimensional imaging and
kinematic analysis, (4) functional anatomy of the wrist, (5) gait analysis

Campus : Campus Hospitalo-Fac
Campus Erasme
Location : G1.4.208/G2.1.213
Address : CP619 - Route de Lennik, 808 bte CP 619 - 1070 Bruxelles
Phone number : +32-2-555.63.76
Fax : +32-2-555.63.78
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Frascati domains:

 • 2.11 Other engineering and technologies

 • 3.5 Other medical sciences

Disciplines CRef :

 • Biomechanics

 • Functional analysis

 • General anatomy (human morphology)

 • General physiology

 • Kinesitherapy revalidation

 • Orthopaedics

 • Osteology