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Laboratory of Experimental Neurology

Faculty of Medicine | Erasme Campus

Interfaculty institutes | UNI, ULB Neuroscience Institute

(Code: ULB256)

Person in charge of the unit : PANDOLFO Massimo.

1. Study of the genetic predisposition to epilepsy and to antieplieptic treatment response (pharmacogenetics).2.Investigations on the pathogenesis of
Friedreich ataxia and development of new cellular and animal models.3. Development of the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS) technology for nervous system
disease modeling (epilepsy, ataxia). 4. Mechanisms of frataxin gene silencing in Friedreich ataxia and development of therapeutic approaches to restore
frataxin gene expression. 5. Investigations on cerebellar physiology and biochemistry by combining microdialysis and neurophysiological recordings on animal
models (rodents).

Campus : Campus Hospitalo-Fac
Campus Erasme
Location : Hopital Erasme et bâtiment C, niveaux 2 et 3, campus universitaire Erasme.
Address : CP601
Phone number : +32-2-555.39.92/ 41.15/ 42.17/
Fax : +32-2-555.39.42
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Disciplines CRef :

 • Biochemistry

 • Cell biology

 • Molecular biology

 • Molecular genetics

 • Neurology

 • Neurophysiology