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Laboratory of Experimental Neurology

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(Code: ULB256)

Development of the induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technology for the modeling and cellular therapy of nervous system diseases.

Autres U.E..

Setup of technology to reprogram differentiated cells (fibroblasts) for control individuals and fro individuals with neurological diseases to generate  ...

1. Study of the genetic predisposition to epilepsy and to antieplieptic treatment response (pharmacogenetics).

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Genetic association, gene expression and proteomics studies to investigate the genetic basis of predisposition to epilepsys and to treatment response.

Molecular mechanisms of frataxin gene silencing in Friedreich ataxia and therapeutic approaches to restore gene expression.

Actions concertées - Autres ressources extérieures.

Chromatin and DNA binding proteins analysis in the frataxin gene in the presence of the Friedreich ataxia mutation (GAA expansion) and reactivation of  ...

Investigations on the pathogenesis of Friedreich ataxia and development of new animal models.

Actions concertées - Autres ressources extérieures.

Analysis of frataxin function and of changes in cellular homeostasis resulting from frataxin deficiency. Utilization of siRNA to generate cellular and  ...

Investigations on cerebellar physiology and biochemistry by combining microdialysis and neurophysiological recordings on animal models (rodents).

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Analysis of neurotransmitters and of neural activity in the rodent cerebellum in normal and pathological (toxic, degenerative) conditions.