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Laboratory of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (ULBGAL)

Faculty of Pharmacy | Research Department Pharmacotherapy and Galenic Pharmacy

Interfaculty institutes | Institute of Research in Immunology

(Code: ULB396)

Basic research and development aimed at creating new pharmaceutical forms, improving manufacturing processes, and increasing the bioavailability of active molecules...

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Development and optimisation of colonic release forms using natural and/or synthetic polymers that can be broken down by enzymes in the intestinal flora

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In vivo and in vitro development, characterisation and evaluation of biodegradable microspheres with different types of active ingredients (low solubility substances, anticancerous agents, antigens...)

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Development and characterisation of liquid-cristal-based shapes

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Development and evaluation of novel pulmonary dosage forms (new excipients, excipient-free, nanoparticles, controlled drug delivery)

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Development and evaluation of floating controlled-release dosage forms (multi-units, single-unit)

Fonds propres (patrimoine).