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Laboratory of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (ULBGAL)

Faculty of Pharmacy | Research Department Pharmacotherapy and Galenic Pharmacy

Interfaculty institutes | Institute of Research in Immunology

(Code: ULB396)

Skills of the unit :

► Melt granulation - pelletisation
►  Pharmaceutical preformulation
► Transnasal delivery of peptides and proteins: Nose-to-brain drug delivery
► Pharmaceutical development : Innovative Immediate release and controlled-release dosage forms for oral, parenteral and inhalation delivery of drugs.
► Novel methods of production of dosage forms (3D printing, etc.)
► In vivo evaluation in animal (mouse) and man (volounteers and patients) of oral, pulmonary and parenteral DDS.
► Targeted anticancer drug delivery systems (oral, parenteral, nasal and pulmonary administration)
► Delivery of peptides, proteins and monoclonal antibodies (oral, parenteral, nasal and pulmonary delivery)
► Parenteral and implantable drug delivery systems : biodegradable microspheres for controlled-drug delivery of drugs, Nanoparticulate parenteral suspensions and emulsions, Biodegradable implants.
► Synthesis and development of new excipients / carriers : Thermosenitive copolymers, cross-linked pectin, chitosan derivatives, Bioadhesive nanoparticles.
► Oral bioavailability enhancement of drugs (BCS II and IV) : Crystalline nanoparticles for solubility and dissolution rate enhancement ; Solid dispersions.
► Pulmonary drug delivery systems : Antiasthmatics, COPD, antifungal, antibiotics and anticancer drugs, peptides and proteins. New fillers and/or carriers for inhalation (DPIs).  
► Matrix and film-coated solid dosage forms (monolithic ; multi-layer and compression-coated tablets ; multiple-units).