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(Code: ULB103)

Collective Memory

Financement de base institutionnel.

Initiated by Halbwachs (1925, 1950) and Bartlett (1932), the interest for collective memory have recently been revived (Middleton and Edwards, 1997; Pe ...

Sexual Objectification

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

We are interested in the determinants and consequences of sexual objectification, a phenomenon that involves appraising other people's as ''bodies'' or ...

Immigration and political action

Financement de base institutionnel.

study of anti-discrimination struggle by immigrants via participation in political or legal action

The role of social networking sites in intergroup communication and collective mobilisation

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

We examine intergroup communication and collective mobilisation in the context of the Facebook social networking site. 

Processes of geopolitical identity building

Financement de base institutionnel.

Study of the processes involved in the genesis on the maintaining of geopolitical identities (regions, nations, Europe).  The theoretical framework res ...

Decision making in the field of food

Autres U.E..

This projects examines the psychological processes involved in the decision making regarding food consumption. Which factors influence the amount of fo ...

Collective Memory of World War I

Programmes d'impulsion - Autres ministères fédéraux.

In the context of an interdisciplinary project financed by the Belgian government, we explored the social representations of world war I in Belgium and ...

Judgmental and social influence processes underlying the perception of justice and injustice in intergroup relations.

No funding agency referenced.

La justice procédurale, la microjustice, la macrojustice, le caractère implicite ou basé sur des catégories dans l'allocation du pouvoir de décisi ...

Consciousness in Decision making

Financement de base institutionnel.

Decision making

Memory and communication concerning sexual aggressions

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

This project considers how people appraise, explain and communicate events involving aggressions and harrassment that they witness. 

Stereotype consensualisation

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

The communication processes leading to the sharing of a collective representation of a social group.  We study the impact of information sampling withi ...

Influence of social categorisation on intergroup reconciliation processes

Financement de base institutionnel.

Experimental study of the influence of level of self-categorisation on intergroup forgiveness, guilt assignment and prejudice towards members of a perp ...

Persistence and dropout in the pursuit of a Ph.D.

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

This projects aims at identifying the factors that predict the successful pursuit of a Ph.D. (as well as dropout). 

Gullibility and epistemic Vigilance

Actions concertées.

This project, at the crossroads between social psychology and pragmatics, is concerned with the way people validate information. How do we come to view ...

Women faced with sexist remarks: confrontation or avoidance?

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

Sexism is pervasive in all human cultures and its negative consequences have been demonstrated. Faced with sexism, women developed coping strategies to ...