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Digital Image Analysis in Pathology (DIAPath)

(Code: ULB723)

Skills of the unit :

Automated immunohistochemistry system (Ventana Discovery XT)
 Tissue microarray 
Automated tissue micro-arrayer (Alphelys MiniCore)
 Whole slide imaging
Slide scanner (Hamamatsu Nanozoomer C96000-01)
 whole slide fluorescence imaging
Whole slide scanner for fluorescence and polarization (Zeiss)
► Tissue microarray (TMA) design and production
► Validation of animal models, antibodies and tissue-based biomarkers
► Specials stains and immunohistochemistry
► Macroscopical and microscopical analysis and imaging of healthy or pathological tissues from humans or animals
► Protein screening and monitoring
► Whole slide imaging
► Histological image analysis
► Immunostaining quantification and colocalization analysis
► Biomedical data analysis