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The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bioethics, (CRIB) was established in 1987. Its task is to address the ethical issues arising from the development of Biomedical & Health sciences and technologies: medical ethics, history and philosophy of medicine, environmental ethics, ethics of biotechnologies, gen-ethics, applied ethics, neuroethics... Inter-disciplinary in the broadest sense of the word (Medicine, Biology, Philosophy, Law...), the CRIB supports a pluralistic and free-thinking approach.  The CRIB is linked to a Master of Ethics Program. Since its foundation, it has worked closely with the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics. The documentation center of the CRIB includes a library and a database that offers bioethical information.  

CReA-Patrimoine. Research Centre in Archaeology and Heritage

The CReA-Patrimoine is a leading research centre of the Université libre de Bruxelles, promoting national and international programs on archaeology and cultural heritage. It constitutes the priviledged partner between the university and the public authorities in charge of cultural heritage. The CReA-Patrimoine is also responsible for practical training and field schools for undergraduate and graduate students in archaeology.

Medical psychology, alcohol and drug addiction

The Laboratory of Medical Psychology ensures the intendance of the lessons and clinics of Medical Psychology and Psychosomatic Medecine, as well as the framing and coordination of the various research projetcs in this fields. The basic philosophy of Medical Psychology consists in the consideration of the patient according to the bio-psycho-social model aiming at integrating the multiple physiological, environmental and psychological aspects which give an account of its disorders of health. 


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