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GUTT Simone


Differential Geometry

Person in charge of the Unit : Oui

The research activities of this unit are devoted to various aspects of differential geometry : symplectic geometry, Kähler geometry, deformation quantization,  symplectic and contact topology. 


Classes of homogeneous symplectic manifolds and of symplectic symmetric spaces

Study of conformal actions for homogeneous symplectic manifolds and symplectic symmetric spaces.

Deformation quantization of symplectic and Poisson manifolds

Classification, group actions, homomorphisms,involutions,  representations.

Complex, symplectic and contact geometry, quantisation and interactions (ARC)

This research project involves three inter-linked subjects: quantisation, symplectic geometry and Kähler geometry. The research will follow two main directions: the use of ideas from moment-map geometry and the use of geometric flows.