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Consciousness, Cognition & Computation Group

The goal of the Co3 is to contribute to our understanding of the elementary cognitive processes involved in learning, cognitive development, and automaticity. One of the central research topics of the Co3 concerns the role of consciousness in these elementary processes, and in particular the issue of determining which can occur without awareness. The research projects of the Co3 generally combine behavioral methods (experimentation with healthy participants in a lifelong perspective and with brain-damaged patients), modelling (neural networks), and neuroimaging methods (PET, MEG et fMRI). Recently, a Babylab has been installed, in other words a laboratory dedicated to the study of the development of the infants and toddlers' cognitive and social abilities.

Research in Psychology applied to Motor learning

The main orientations are as follow: 
1. sport psychology : Studying the psychological components of performance; the use of sport as a vehicle for social integration; doping and addiction in sport; decision-making in the athlete's
2.Caregiver-care Relationship: improved caregiver-care communication, touch psychophysiology, impact of placebo on painful management and performance; improved patient well-being, use of medical hypnosis on painful management
3. Psychomotricity :  influence of environmental factors on the normal and pathological  child's psychomotricity; study of body pattern and body image in normal and pathological situations (including eating disorders) 

Medical psychology, alcohol and drug addiction

The Laboratory of Medical Psychology ensures the intendance of the lessons and clinics of Medical Psychology and Psychosomatic Medecine, as well as the framing and coordination of the various research projetcs in this fields. The basic philosophy of Medical Psychology consists in the consideration of the patient according to the bio-psycho-social model aiming at integrating the multiple physiological, environmental and psychological aspects which give an account of its disorders of health. 


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