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Laboratory of Stem Cells & Cancer

Funded in 2006 by Prof. Cédric Blanpain, the laboratory of stem cells & cancer uses lineage-tracing approaches to study the role of SCs during development, homeostasis and cancer. They uncovered the existence of stem cells and progenitors acting during homeostasis and repair of the epidermis and uncovered a novel paradigm of lineage segregation in the mammary gland and prostate. The lab was pioneered in using mouse genetics to identify the cancer cell of origin of epithelial cancers. They identified the cancer cell of origin and the mechanisms regulating the early steps of tumor initiation in skin basal cell carcinoma, skin squamous cell carcinoma and mammary tumors. They developed novel approaches to unravel the mode of tumour growth within their natural environment and to understand the mechanisms regulating cancer stem cell functions. 


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