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LaDisco : Center of research in linguistics

This Center groups linguists representing the main trends in contemporary linguistics. Research conducted within the Center is organised around four main axes: Language & Cognition, Morphology & Syntaxe, Semantics & Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics & Discours analysis.The first axis, Language & Cognition, highlights the cognitive correlate of linguistic phenomena, using empirical methods from cognitive sciences and experimental and clinical psychology. The Semantics and Pragmatics axis focuses on the interface between conventional meaning and its use in contexte, in close interaction with philosophy of language and mind, but also informed by experimental studies. The Morphology and Syntax axis encourages an in-depth study of linguistic structures, with approaches ranging from French linguistics to Chomskian generatistivism, and including cognitive linguistics. The last axis, Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis, studies language in its context of social use and is based on the analysis of corpora as well as on methods derived from sociology or ethnography.

ACTE - Autism in Context: theory and experiment

The interfaculty research group ACTE (Autism in Context: Theory and Experiment) started in 2015 at the Université libre de Bruxelles. Our main objective is to contribute to a better understanding of language development and communication skills in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our research focuses in particular on the origins of language delays, social communication skills in children and adults and the implications of social communication differences in everyday interactions. We bring together investigation techniques from cognitive psychology, social psychology and linguistics within an ecological research program, whose experimental dimension is geared towards specific sensibilities of children and adults with autism.  

Across all components of the ACTE project, we consider the great heterogeneity that characterises the autism spectrum. Whenever possible, we will also attempt to gain insight to children’s individual progression and evolution, by designing longitudinal studies. 


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