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Research Unit in Rehabilitation Sciences (RRU)

Faculty of Motor Skills Sciences | Motricity Sciences Research Centers

(Code: ULB748)

Person in charge of the unit : DEBOECK Gaël.

Our research unit aims to study the physiological and physiopathological aspects of the lympho-venous, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory
systems. At the heart of our interests are the evaluation of function, imaging, and the effects of physiotherapy prevention and rehabilitation.
Research in these 3 areas is the responsibility of:
JP Belgrado: Project Lymphology / Main subject: lypoedema
J Van Cant: Project Musculoskeletal physiotherapy / Main subject: The runner
G Deboeck: Project Cardiovascular and respiratory rehabilitation / Main subject: Vascular adaptation during aerobic training

Campus : Campus Hospitalo-Fac
Campus Erasme
Location : Campus Erasme Bâtiment N - Niveau 4 / Local N 4.213
Address : CP640 - Route de Lennik, 808 - 1070 Bruxelles
Phone number : +32-2-555.38.89
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