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Machine Learning Group (MLG)

Interfaculty institutes | IB²: Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics of Brussels

Interfaculty institutes | iiTSE: Inter-faculty institute for socio-ecological transformations

Faculty of Sciences | Computer Science

(Code: ULB741)

Person in charges of the unit : BONTEMPI Gianluca, LENAERTS Tom.

The ULB Machine Learning Group (MLG) was founded within the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Sciences in 2004 by Gianluca Bontempi. The
activity of the group covers the areas of machine learning, computational modelling and statistics and their applications in data mining, simulation and time
series prediction. In October 2008, Tom Lenaerts joined MLG as a new academic, extending the group's expertise towards computational biology, evolutionary
dynamics and complex systems research. Currently we focus on:Data mining, modeling and predictionBioinformatics and computational biologyDynamics of
cooperation and competition

Campus : Campus de la Plaine
Location : NO8
Address : CP212 Bruxelles
Phone number : +32-2-650.55.91
Web site :

Frascati domains:

 • 1.2 Computer and information sciences

Disciplines CRef :

 • Artificial intelligence

 • Expert systems

 • Fuzzy logic

 • Mathematical models of decision support

 • Statistical analysis and applied statistics