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Verification and formal methods (Verif)

Faculty of Sciences | Computer Science

(Code: ULB512)


Région wallonne - Autres U.E..

Artist 2 is an excellence network of the 6th framework programme of the European Union dedicated to the reliable development of embedded and embarked s ...

Federated Center in Verification

Fonds associés (toutes subventions, y compris la Loterie Nat.) - Autres U.E..

The CVF is a working group gathering the various teams working on computer aided verification in the Communauté Wallonie-Bruxelles in Belgium. Funded  ...

Correct, efficient and robust controllers

Entreprises privées.

The elaboration of a framework for the development of distributed industrial supervisors and controllers leads to interesting problems, in particular t ...

Quasimodo: Quantitative System Properties in Model-Driven-Design of Embedded Systems

Autres U.E..

The main goal of Quasimodo is to develop new techniques and tools for model-driven design, analysis, testing and code-generation for advanced embedded  ...

GASICS: Games for Analysis and Synthesis of Interactive Computational Systems

Autres U.E..

The gasics project studies game theoretic formalizations of interactive computational systems and algorithms for their analysis and synthesis. Our aim  ...

MOVES: Fundamental Issues in Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software