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Center of Cultural Anthropology (CAC)

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(Code: ULB415)

BANTURIVERS - At a Crossroads of Bantu Expansions: Present and Past Riverside Communities in the Congo Basin, from an Integrated Linguistic, Anthropological and Archaeological Perspective

Autres U.E..

The “Bantu Expansion”, a research theme within the precolonial history of Central Africa, unites scholars of different disciplines. Much research i ...

DevInc – Locals dealing with Developmental Incomes. An updated approach combining Anthropology of Economics and Social Economy (West & Central Africa).

Fonds associés (toutes subventions, y compris la Loterie Nat.) - Actions concertées.

This research project focuses on Development Incomes (DI), namely on financial amounts drawn from the exploitation of natural resources and allocated t ...

From Seeds to Rags: Textile Production in Dendi and Borgou (North Benin)

Autres moyens financiers dépendant de l'étranger.

The project aims primarily at documenting cotton cloth production in North Benin, from cotton growing activities to thread production (ginning, carding ...

North African Rock Art Under new light : A palaeosociology of the last Hunter-Gatherers and first Pastoralists

Autres U.E. - Fonds propres (patrimoine).

In North Africa, hundreds of rock art sites located in desert areas testify to the occupation of the so-called ‘Green Sahara’, when palaeoenvironme ...

Locals dealing with Developmental Incomes: an updated approach combining Anthropology of Economics and Social Economy (West and Central Africa)

Fonds spéciaux de recherche.

This research proposal focuses on Development Incomes (DI), namely on financial amounts drawn from the exploitation of natural resources and allocated  ...

''Participatory mapping as a tool of good governance of the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve (Tshopo / DR Congo)''.

Programmes d'impulsion - Organisations internationales - Autres ressources extérieures.

EACOM - 2015-2019 , « Egyptian and African Copper Metallurgy ».

Autres ministères fédéraux - Région bruxelloise.

EACOM is a four-year multidisciplinary research project on early and traditional copper metallurgy processes in Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa.

AfReSlide. Landslides in Equatorial Africa : Identifying culturally, technically and economically feasible resilience strategies.

Autres ministères fédéraux - Fonds spéciaux de recherche - Région bruxelloise.

The main objective is to develop an integrated and broadly applicable methodology for landslide resilience analysis in data-poor environments in Equato ...

Political centralization, economic integration and language evolution in Central Africa : an interdisciplinary approach to the early history of the Kongo Kingdom

Fonds spéciaux de recherche.

KONGOKING is an interdisciplinary and interuniversity research group which aims at contributing to a better understanding of the origins and early hist ...

CROSSROADS of empires : archaeology, material culture and sociopolitical relationships in West Africa

Autres U.E..

The project brings together a team of archaeologists, historians and anthropologists studying the Niger Valley where it borders Niger and Bénin (West  ...

Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in the Democratic Republic of Congo: multiscale approach to environmental policy'' - Recherche doctorale (Camille REYNIERS) - Direction : Véronique JOIRIS).

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

This doctoral research contributes to reflection on the feasibility and on monitoring new environmental policies related to sustainable management of t ...

Garbage Delhi : anthropological perspectives on waste management and reconfiguration of urban space in the Indian capital - Doctoral Research ( Olivia CALLEJA TRIMINO ) -dir : V . JOIRIS

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

My doctoral thesis is based on an examination of the relation between waste and urban environment in Delhi. As Indian cities have been facing considera ...

Sustainable development and management of forests in Cameroon : analysis and societal perspectives of Cameroon's forest public policy after 25 years of post- 1992 reforms Rio - Doctoral Research (Zacharia MGBAMINE SAAR ). Direction : Véronique JOIRIS.

Région bruxelloise.

Thesis carried out under the supervision of Prof. DV Joiris , Faculty of Social and Political Sciences , Social Sciences Division, Cultural Anthropolog ...

Local knowledge and climate change. Case study of the agro-pastoral community of Gaddis, Maura BULGHERONI - Co-Direction : V. JOIRIS et E. ZACCAI

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

Multidisciplinary doctoral research on the environmental anthropology that studies the significance of adaptation in the context of multifactorial and  ...

'' A female height history. Approach technical and material culture in women's activities of the Dendi region ( northern Benin ) from the late 19th century to today.

F.R.S.-FNRS et Fonds associés (hors FRIA).

The project focuses on the history of women in the southern part of Dendi (Niger Valley, Northern Benin). Absent traditional and official narratives, t ...