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Chemistry of Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanomaterials (ChemSIN)

Faculty of Sciences | Chemistry

(Code: ULB110)

Self-assembled monolayers of organic and bio-molecules on electrodes

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Study of the adsorption of organic or biomolecules and investigation of the properties of the monolayers formed at the electrochemical gold-solution in ...

Elaboration of nanostructured electrode surfaces for electrocatalysis

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Elaboration and characterization of electrocatalysts for the reduction of oxygen, nitrate and carbon dioxyde

Plasma treatment of surfaces

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Treatment of metals and polymers by low pressure plasmas, atmosphéric plasmas and magnetron plasma

Preparation and characterization of electromembranes.

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Electromembranes receive increasing attention for numerous applications (production of potable water, food production, treatment of waste water, fuel c ...