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Department of Clinical and Differential Psychology (SPCD)

Faculty of Psychological and Educational Sciences | Research center in clinical psychology, psychopathology and psychosomatic

(Code: ULB101)

Study of the support structures designed for troubled youngsters.

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This study involves a population of latency period and adolescent youngsters with significant family, school and social insertion difficulties who are  ...

Study of youngsters' psychological resources in a context of seclusion

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Study of the psychological processes at work when young people evolve in a situation of « immobilization » or forced seclusion. The population includ ...

A study of the resources of young Burundians who have gone through traumatic experiences linked to genocidal violence and exile

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This research analyses the resources and resilience capabilities of young Burundians whose life has been marked by traumatic experiences which have pro ...

From the fragilization to the breaking of social bonds: a clinical approach of social precarity and exclusion''

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Counselling socioprofessionally ''unprivileged'' or ''fragilized'' individuals confronts care takers to the multiple pains and symptoms that are typica ...

Clinical study of the function of epileptic and pseudo-epileptic crises in residential patients of specialised neurological institutions

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This research is aimed at the clinical and comparative evaluation of the function of pharmaco-resistant epileptiform crises in three groups of subjects ...

A study of creative processes

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Within the context of the European network 'Creativity Clinics', there are several investigations under way regarding the processes underpinning artist ...

An empirical study of the primary and secondary processes according to Freudian theory

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The GeoCat  (Geometrical Categorization) psychometric instrument has been recently developed by Brakel  (University of Michigan). It is an easy to use  ...

An experimental study of the dynamic organization of unconscious processes according to Freud

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CRT computer screens ('Cathode Ray Tube') allow for the very brief presentation of visual stimuli (in the order offor 6-7 milliseconds); with an approp ...