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TIPs - Transport phenomena and process engineering

Faculty of Applied Sciences | Discipline: Electromechanical systems and fluid processes

(Code: ULB828)

Skills of the unit :

► By joining the strengths of 3 research teams, we are now able to propose a fully equipped platform for the characterization, the modelling and the manipulation of systems including several phases (gas and/or liquid and/or solid), exchanging mass, energy or momentum at a scale between the micron and the millimeter. These researches can support applied developments in numerous domains, as health, environment, biodiversity valorization, food industry, space research, material science…

The platform is fully equipped for:

- the realization and the operation of micrometric and millimetric systems involving liquid and/or solid and/or gaseous phases exchanging momentum, energy and mass (flows in microchannels, flows in packed beds, fluid films, sprays, crystallization systems, bubbles in motion in a liquid, fluid-fluid contact in Hele Shaw cells, gas-liquid-solid contact lines on geometrically structured surfaces…). A special emphasis can be put on the Nanoscribe Photonic GT equipment, funded by the FNRS. It is an exceptional equipment to produce and to texture surfaces at a scale below the micron.

- the development of experimental tools for the characterization, often with an optical technique, of the transport and phase change phenomena taking place within these systems, including the treatment of the acquired images by rapid and precise algorithms in order to extract the desired data.

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