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Laboratory of Cognition, Language, and Development (LCLD)

Faculty of Psychological and Educational Sciences | Research center in cognition and neurosciences

Interfaculty institutes | UNI, ULB Neuroscience Institute

(Code: ULB099)

Skills of the unit :

► Expertise in bilingualism and second language learning. More specifically, effects of bilingualism and immersion context on oral and written language acquisition.
► Reference center for speech and language in hearing disability, and the use of the Cued Speech aids for hearing disabled.
► Development of evaluation tools for written language deficits.       BELEC: A battery of evaluation of written language and its troubles. (Mousty, Leybaert, Alegria, Content et Morais, 1994)
► Lexical statistics and development of lexical databases (spoken and written French, Englich). BRULEX: A base of lexical data computerized for written and spoken french ( Content, Mousty et Radeau, 1990). LEXOP - A lexical database providing orthography-phonology statistics for french monosyllabic words. (Peereman & Content, 1999).