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Glaciology (GLACIOL)

Faculty of Sciences | IGEAT - Institute for Geography, Environment and Land planning

(Code: ULB182)

List of collaborations

  • Dr. Tony Worby, Dr. Ian Allison, University of Hobart, Tasmania(Australia)

  • Dr. M. Studinger, Dr. Bell, Columbia University(United States (the))

  • Dr. K. Matsuoka,, Norwegian Polar Institute,(Norway)

  • Prof. D. Sugden, University of Edimburgh(United Kingdom (the))

  • Dr.B. Stauffer, University of Bern(Switzerland)

  • Prof. Philippe Huybrechts, Vrije Universiteit Brussel(Belgium)

  • Dr. J. Jouzel, Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace(France)

  • Prof. David Thomas, University of Wales(United Kingdom (the))

  • Dr. Christiane Lancelot, Université Libre de Bruxelles(Belgium)

  • Dr. R. Hindmarsh, Bristish Antarctic Survey(United Kingdom (the))

  • Dr. D. Cohen, University of Yale(United States (the))

  • Dr. A. Bondesan, Prof. G. Orombelli, Dr. C. Barbante, Dr. M. Meneghel, Dr. M. Dini, Dr. B. Stenni, Programma Nazionale di Recherche in Antartide(Italy)

  • Prof. B. Hubbard, University of Wales(United Kingdom (the))

  • Prof. S. Ackley, University of San Antonio(United States (the))

  • Prof. Thierry Fichefet, Dr. Martin Vancoppenolle, UCL(Belgium)