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Robotic Bricklayer: a multi-robot system for sand-lime blocks masonry

Units : Department of control engineering and system analysis | ULB809

Description :

In this project we will design and develop an innovative concept for the automatic bricklaying of sand-lime bricks. The
robotization of this activity poses a series of fundamental methodological challenges. The first challenge is that the weight of the blocks
and the typical distance at which the blocks must be placed makes the classical robotic assumption of “rigid-manipulator”
unreasonable. Accordingly we will study a “soft-robotic” mechanical design, together with a suitable sensing equipment and control
law.  The second challenge in this project is the design of safe and effective control solutions to perform the construction
task. The correct placement and alignment of each block will be done through a combination of position and force control. A prototype
will be developed for laboratory tests.

List of persons in charge :

  • AMBROSINO Michele

  • GARONE Emanuele

Members List :

  • AMBROSINO Michele

  • ZEMERART Asani

List of lessors :

  • Région bruxelloise