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cdqd Stephenson

Units : Research Center Leonardo Da Vinci | ULB732

Description :

The Leonardo da Vinci research center submitted an application for the Stephenson neighborhood contract in Schaerbeek.
The project
consists of the creation of play structures for children in Schaerbeek in a maximum participative process. These structures will
take place in spaces reserved today for the car, the street parking strips. Thanks to the information gathered during workshops
given in class and meetings with the inhabitants, the structures will be realized by the students of the faculty of architecture of
the ULB in collaboration with the young people of the district.

The origin of the project is threefold: the reading of the
priorities defined for the CQD Stephenson firstly determined our orientation towards equipment and infrastructures devoted to children
and youth. The lack of public space and the omnipresence of the car on the territory led us to think about the implantation on the
parking strips. Finally, our experience on the CQD Athénée confirmed the feasibility of such a project within the framework of a

Almost all the streets in the neighborhood have 2 car parking strips. By reinvesting this space for the weak user, the
project aims to create public space, and therefore sharing, for the benefit of local residents. With the integration, from conception,
young people and neighborhood residents, the process becomes a co-construction where each actor will work to the success of the

The objectives of the project are
• Reveal the potential of occupation by the weak user of the public space;
• Ensure
participatory co-construction of the project between architecture students and residents;
• Open the faculty to neighborhood
• Set up a unique and innovative project gathering all faculty architecture resources (Common Sketch, master's workshop,
theoretical and optional courses, FabLab ...) serving the Stephenson district

(project pending agreement)

List of persons in charge :

  • SIRE Olivier

  • STERNO Jean-Marc

List of lessors :

  • Région bruxelloise